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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, and Director
Nice to meet you! You can just call me Torchu. I’m an aspiring animator, writer, editor and voice actor. I hope to have a pleasant experience working with all of you!
PFP by Tabbiverse
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, and Music Composer
Voice Description: female teen
Skills and Interests: animation music
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, and Producer
Heyo! The name is Lila SINpai and it's nice to meet whoever is reading this! I am a content creator, but a small one at the moment, so definitely don't count on me being some well-known all-around streamer or anything. But I do have some pretty cool talents, such as:DrawingWritingVideo EditingVoice ActingSinging (maybe)Feel free to follow my content! I am in the lengthy process of making a new anime series, so if you have any questions or if you're ever interested in my skills, just send me a message and we'll talk business!
It's great meeting you, and have a wonderful day! <3
I am a Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Director, and Producer
I am Christian Banks, a young aspiring animator/ writer and etc.  I am currently working on my own animated series called Chikara Sorcery HighI enjoy all things that are Anime, Cartoon or Music related.It seems I forgot to mention that I am 16-years old and I turn 17 in September.
Speaks: english
Call me Dee 🍓🍰
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
: hello! My name is Christina Lucas :: voice acting - Ever since I was a kid I would love to voice act cartoon characters and even some anime characters. As I grew up I would practice my voice to be a low , medium and high pitch. It’s been 4 years since I’ve been voice acting now and I’d say that if your looking for someone how can do a high pitch, please consider reaching out to me. : singing - i love to sing a lot and I have been practice day by day for my singing voice, I can sing in Japanese , English , Spanish and French. : art - Art is something I am naturally good at, I rather prefer Traditional art more then digital art as it’s either for me to do. Apps/softwares I use to draw are : (mobile) ibis paint x , Procreate and ( PC ) photoshop That’s all! Thank you for reading 🍓
searching for a talent
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
Accents: american
Skills and Interests: absolutely none
Freelance Character Designer, Animator, and Illustrator. Lover of all things goopy and oddly cute.
I am a Artist and Animator
Bello!My name is Jessica but my art handle is Sayao.Sometimes I also go by my personal art company name, Mad Cat Productions. 
I love creating new concepts for worlds and characters, my main strong suit is other worldly beings or monsters. My main inspirations are Junji Ito, Silent Hill and a few other games that really shaped my style.I hope to one day either work at a professional movie or game company where I can fully expand my horizons.Feel free to check my portfolio website to see all my most recent/previous works I've done or been apart of. 
Speaks: english
Write with Positivity: Every Misstep Becomes a Lesson. An Aspiring Writer among other things working hard to achieve my goals!
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, and Writer
Fueling my growth as a writer, I cultivate an optimistic outlook, constantly learning from my missteps and the experiences of others.
Voice Description: female teen
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Animator
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male teen male young adult
Skills and Interests: 2d/3d artwork
Minecraft roleplay body & voice actor, can also edit with sony vegas 15 (sapphire and universal plugins included)
I am a Voice Actor, Animator, Video Editor, and Director
Hey! I'm KenxD and I love Minecraft and mc rps! I have two Minecraft accounts that I can use for body acting, and I can also voice act (albeit my voice is pretty bad xD). I also am a hypixel montage maker and avid bedwars player, and am pretty good at editing and clicking fast. I also use Sony Vegas 15, and I have the Sapphire and Universal plugins installed!
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male teen
2D Animator who enjoys the little things
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, and Animator
24 yo ♦ she, her, elle ♦ 2D Animator, illustrator, concept artist and new beginner voice actor ♦♦ I don't bite and I like mangas ♦
Accents: francais
Voice actor that has a British accent with 4 years experience
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
⋆⁺₊ ☾ ⋆⁺₊⋆☁︎꒰ ✎┊About me ꒱-Ninjago Gacha-tuber, Actor, Self-taught VA, Animator, Artist & singer but not a professional. ~ Voice acted with 4 years experience~ Voice impressions : Tails (Sonic Boom), Gregory (FNaF)꒰ ✎┊Experiences ꒱I have been voice acting since 2021 and been singing since September 2022. Ican voice both Male & Females I really enjoy doing it. I have been hired multiple times but most of them got cancelled unfortunately.I can speak in English, Chinese and am learning spanish & japaneseNot available to be hire until 18th June due to examsVoice Acting Demo Reel here ! : @.kai_offline
I animate and do things
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Animator, and Music Composer
I am inspired by Stareevee to make animations about Pokémon, eevees and other stuff. I like making movies and videos and animatimg.I am an animator, artist, musician and voice actor (a beginner at them all)@stareevee <—- cool personPlease subscribe to my YouTube channel the Cozmic Eevee quest has been moved to idk 4 months because I am busy with music, the only animator for a show and have lots of school.
Speaks: english
He/Him | 27 | LGBTQIA+ | Neurodivergent | Multifandom Artist & VTuber
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Video Editor, and Writer
Part time artist - My commissions are currently closed.
I like to draw little freaks and drown in my hyperfixations.

Current hyperfixation: Milgram Project

Other fandoms of interest include Pokemon, Sonic, Rise Of The TMNT, Monster Hunter, Neopets.

I'm in the works of helping @xxkonokaxx with putting together unofficial English Dub & Covers of DECO*27's Milgram! Please check it out! ->
Milgram ENG Fan Project YT Channel:
Speaks: english
Setup: audacity
Enthusiastic Game/Audio VA
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Hello! I am Hecate but you may call me Catey.

I've been doing small projects as a voice actor for 2 years. Along with that, I'm a freelancing artist/animator, theatre actor, and medical student.

It's a pleasure doing work with you soon!
Hey hey! :3
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Animator, and Music Composer
-Hey! I’m nova, I do voice acting, art, animation, etc!-Personally, I’m good with VA and art for now.-yes, I am into gacha if you’re wondering.. (and other things ofc-)-Looking for a pancake cookie voice? I think im a good pick!-my discord is: “dummy_here” If you have any questions!