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I am a Artist, Animator, and Director
Hi! I am an animation student in my final year of my animation degree. I'm working on my grad film this year, which will mostly be a solo project, with the exception of animation assistants from within my university course. My goal through this project is to share my love of storytelling through 2D animation, as well as inspire people to learn about history through the themes of my film 'Tales of Old'
I am a Artist and Animator
Hello I'm Emily! currently I am studying as a 3rd-year animation student at RMIT Melbourne! at the moment my big project is my grad film.
Voice Description: female young adult
I am a Artist and Animator
Um, I’m currently in my first year of studying animation. I’m the process is making my own animation studio! (I may seem confident but I’m dying inside)
Voice Description: male young adult
Search all 2473 animator TV Paint profiles