Voice actor that has a British accent with 4 years experience

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꒰ ✎┊About me ꒱

-Ninjago Gacha-tuber, Actor, Self-taught VA, Animator, Artist & singer but not a professional. 

~ Voice acted with 4 years experience

~ Voice impressions : Tails (Sonic Boom), Gregory (FNaF)

꒰ ✎┊Experiences ꒱

I have been voice acting since 2021 and been singing since September 2022. I

can voice both Male & Females I really enjoy doing it. I have been hired multiple times but most of them got cancelled unfortunately.

I can speak in English, Chinese and am learning spanish & japanese

Not available to be hire until 18th June due to exams

Voice Acting Demo Reel here ! 

Discord : @.kai_offline


No prices/Just some pounds if you want to offer me (I don't have a mic)

What TypicallyKaito is looking for

I'm looking for any voice acted or just series/mini movies