Texas-based voice actor/content creator armed with a microphone, Audacity, and some trusty blankets. I may not have the greatest equipment, but i'll still do my best!

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About Takimeko

What's going on.

I'm an amateur VA armed with a microphone, blankets, and a laptop.

I've been doing auditions on this site since 2020. Been in a couple of projects now and I've been doing stuff on my Youtube channel (which you can find in my social media links somewhere on my profile, of course) mostly independent of this site up until late 2021.

I tend to do comic dubs and shitposts. (You may either know me as "that one person that can do a good impression of Rory from YIIK", or "that one person that dubs the rat".)
Which rat?
I dunno.

My vocal range is in the Medium/High range, and I can also do video editing, music making, and basic sound design.

The inspiration to become a voice actor came from when I first witnessed the amazing voice acting in the PS2 RPG Chaos Wars, where I then went "If these people could be voice actors, then so could I!"
The dubbing was horrific, by the by.


At this moment, I am not taking nor offering paid work due to lack of ways to take or give money virtually. 

  • @blackflashva

    Always a pleasure to work with Taki and they always provide amazing work!

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    What can I say about Takimeko? Well, it's fairly straight forward. Or is it? When I took on Takimeko, I was looking for voice actors for a project for FNV, linked at the bottom, when Takimeko
    approached me with interest in my project. I took them on and I was astounded by the work they had done for me. From Ghouls to small-time criminals going graverobbing, and their fast work pace to their stellar, no, beyond amazing work for such a small, simple role. To make things even better, when I needed several roles filled ASAP, they were able to adabt and overcome the challenge of voicing several characters at once. A feat that is in rare supply these days. They were a fine addition to the team I scrounged together and highly recommend their services to anyone they approach in the future. I look forward to future cooperation with Takimeko, and hope that they feel the same. :)

    Proof of work received: