NCRCF Inmates - A Fallout New Vegas Mod

Joseph Bozlinski for Common Criminal Male Voice Types

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Common Criminal Male Voice Types

Common Criminal Male Voice Type

These are the common criminals of the NCR. Arrested for various crimes, such as thievery, murder, cattle rustling, and more, they have been sent over to the Mojave on a "Work Release" Program that ultimately amounts to just slave labor. They are obviously unhappy with the status quo and will often gossip when spoken to by the Player, or otherwise just tell them off.

Three Voices will be selected for this role!

  • english
Voice description:
  • male adult
  • What are you looking at?

  • What do you want, meat?

  • Yeah, what is it?

Joseph Bozlinski
NCRCF Inmates - A Fallout New Vegas Mod
Cu na Saoirse
Cu na Saoirse

Apologies, as this is the hardest part of being a casting director, but you didn't make the cut into shortlisted status. I apologize sincerely, but thank you for your interest!

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