Spider-Man: The Audio Drama

2023Completed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQZtmE8-sIY&t=30s&ab_channel=AudioAnomaly

SMtAD was written and directed by long-time Spider-Man comic book fan Joseph Bozlinski, creator of Apex Shadow and head of ValiantShadow Productions, and edited by Christopher Z of Audio Anomaly. SMtAD is our newest addition to the Marvel Audio Drama Universe-- fitting in nicely with the existing canon-- but it's also the start of an epic in its own right. Our story will take Peter Parker from his early days as a hero, and see him change and grow as time goes on and the story continues. You'll see new, contemporary takes on Peter, his supporting cast, and many of his classic adversaries. SMtAD is a contemporary techno-thriller, examining the dangers of corporate greed, rampant late-stage capitalism, and reckless scientific advancement.