The Cyclist (Season 5 and Season 6) (FINAL DEADLINE 11:59PM BST TONIGHT - 28th - PLEASE AUDITION FOR CARA!)

Yukine for Max Woods

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Max Woods
Role assigned to: Yukine

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Importance: Secondary

Accent: Any (However the same accent as Callia would make sense)

Voice: Medium-Low

Personality: Max is a sweet boy who cares about his sister, but hates her actions. He's calm and kind - the opposite of his sister, and wants nothing more than to help people - especially Ford and Freddie.

First Appearance: Season 6 Episode 1

Max is the brother of Callia (antagonist). However, he is the polar opposite of her: helpful and kind. He is determined to stop whatever his sister is planning, and manages to find Freddie and Ford to let them in on a few secrets. He starts sneaking around so he can prepare his new friends for whatever Callia will spring on them next. But Callia is certainly not happy about this...

Max is a secondary character.

  • english
Voice description:
  • Independent
  • all american accents
  • all english accents
  • british
  • general british
  • general english
  • generic american
  • kind
  • Helpful
  • all accents
  • Sweet
  • male teen
  • male young adult
  • british (london)
  • general american
  • generic english
  • generic british
  • same as callia
  • " Oh- I don’t want that, I don’t like my sister. " *genuine*

  • " Callia has a vendetta against you. And she’s not going to stop until her revenge plan is fully executed. " *explaining to Freddie*

The Cyclist (Season 5 and Season 6) (FINAL DEADLINE 11:59PM BST TONIGHT - 28th - PLEASE AUDITION FOR CARA!)

Hi! I really loved your audition! Congrats on receiving the role of Max! Please join the Cyclist server if you're not already in it (linked at the end of the message) and leave your casting call username in the verification channel (under the announcements category). Please also state how you would like to be credited in the "how you want to be credited" channel which is underneath the verification channel. Thank you! :D

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