Soul Eater ReWork Episode 1. TEST FOOTAGE (Fan Dub/abridged)

EdenPenguin007 for Dr. Franken Stein

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Dr. Franken Stein

Here we have your always need white haired anime sensei.  From Kakashi, Roshi, Jiraiya, and now Gojo.  We have the underrated gem of the late 2000s early 2010s Dr. Franken Stein.

Standing at a towering 6ft10 he was one of if not the best Meister to come out of the DWMA.  He is a nerd when it comes to identifying souls, fighting styles, the human anatomy, how to get women, and various other things your cool overpowered teacher should have.

Before spirit met his wife he was school friends with this man so there relationship is a bit complex since stein liked to experiment on live subjects.  

He has the cool smart voice that can make any line sound serious and cool but he is unpredictable meaning he can switch up his mood in a heartbeat.

He also has a fling with Medusa.  They both liked each other but she's evil so that's bad, But he ends up getting a wife at the end of the series who he gets pregnant. 

Im looking for a person who can bring life into the zombie inspired teacher.  Good luck. 

  • english
Voice description:
  • animation/character
  • male young adult
  • male adult
  • This is fear. That's good then, I had forgotten what it felt like.

  • What's good and evil is determined by those of who are in power.

  • ''Soul Force!" This is your attack move so act it out.

Soul Eater ReWork Episode 1. TEST FOOTAGE (Fan Dub/abridged)

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