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Just a guy trying to make it in this business, one audition at a time.  

  • @scodysk

    Eden is a great voice actor with an incredibly creative mind. We got to know each other pretty well over the course of an ongoing D&D campaign that Eden is DMing. The range of tones and emotions that come out of this guys mouth is insane, from intense emotional scenes to scenes that chilled me to my bone.
    But he's more than just a voice. He's a creator, and you'd be making an excellent decision adding him to your cast!

  • @rhiry

    I've worked with Eden on several projects together. And he is an absolute joy to work with, not to mention he's got an amazing sense of humor. His voice-acting ability is top-tier and professional. No complaints 

  • @Caroline1

    Eden's voice acting is top-tier!!!

  • @miragecrew

    Eden was amazing for our project, he brought the exact energy I was looking for and really understood what type of character I wanted. Delivered the lines super quickly and always super nice. Highly recommend! 

  • @rwbylahero24

    He just did the perfect voice for my first role!