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Kiwi for Bopo (Dust: An Elysian Tail)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Bopo (Dust: An Elysian Tail)

Bopo is a young helpful boy from the Dust: An Elysian Tail video game. He lives in a mushroom cottage neighborhood called Mudpot, which was lacking a supply of water, thus making some of the villagers seriously sick... Bopo's father, was unfortunaetly one of the victims of dehydration. Bopo went out of his way to fetch bucket-loads of water to get the village supply running again, with help from his new friends Dust and Fidget... But unfortunately, it was all too late... Bopo's Dad tried to hold on as long as he could, but he was... Sadly... Cut down in his prime from the fatal illness... Bopo, feeling very upset from his father's early, undeserved departure, wanted to help bring a special little piece of snow to put on his grave to commemorate all the good things that his father did for Bopo... The father's big goal in his life was to travel and climb up a snowy mountain... And Bopo wanted to make his dream come true in order to commemorate all the fun memories and good times that the two had together... Snow is pretty rare to find in Mudpot, but Dust and Fidget eventually found some for Bopo to give his father a proper send-off! In this ASMR, you're a volunteer worker, helping Bopo with yard-work like shoveling up soil terrain to provide new land, filling up the village's water supply to keep the neighborhood healthy, and fetching some firewood for the family's camping trip!

(For Bopo's voice, I'm looking for his to sound similar or identical to the voice he has in Dust: An Elysian Tail. I'm looking for a female voice actor to voice Bopo. Here are some voice clips for reference!) https://youtu.be/A9sYf4wuX1w https://youtu.be/bjDCDlDwIZk 

  • english
Voice description:
  • animation/character
  • voice match
  • male child
  • south american
  • So you must be that volunteer Mama was telling me about? I really appreciate you coming over, then! It's really nice of you to offer my Mama a break and give us a helping hand with all our hard work!

  • (Tired and proud) Phew! Thank you so much for helping me with everything. Because of you, Mudpot should have enough water to stay healthy for 2 years at the least now! I'm so grateful and lucky to be around someone as helpful as you... *YAWN!* All that hard work kind of makes a hard-working boy like me... *Yawn...* Kinda sleepy... (Falls Asleep) Zzzzzzzzzz...

  • *Bonus* Do some improv. Say something you think would fit. Any sentence relying on this character's personality will do!

Future ASMR Videos! (Narratives for Pokemon ASMRs, Sonic Listener ASMRs, and a Shy Guy Audio Roleplay ASMR, And More!)
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