Future ASMR Videos! (Narratives for Pokemon ASMRs, Sonic Listener ASMRs, and a Shy Guy Audio Roleplay ASMR, And More!)

Rachel Mckinely Wade for Cream The Rabbit (Sonic)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Cream The Rabbit (Sonic)

Cream is a 6-year old anthropompric cinnamon-brown rabbit with a big, wholesome, angelic heart. Cream is a sweet-natured little girl and does not have any bad bones in her body, always being polite, always being honest, and always doing what she is being told to do by other friendly, authorative figures. Cream is adventurous and outgoing, always looking for a new adventure, and always looking to make new friends to whoever she meets, and is always ready to lend a hand to others whenever they need it! And now, Cream is very eager and excited to be your tour guide around your very first time in the Chao Garden! Cream is very happy to have this chance to tell you everything she knows about the garden and things you need to do to get along and bond with every single Chao that Cream has met! 

(For Cream's voice, I'm looking for hers to sound similar or identical to one of the previous voices she's had in the video games. Here are some voice clips for reference!)




(Character Thumbnail Artwork made by YaraNalin)

  • english
Voice description:
  • north american
  • voice match
  • animation/character
  • female child
  • creature
  • Oh, hi there! Have you come to check out the Chao Garden too? What's that? Is this your first time here? *Gasp!* How wonderful! Me and Cheese can give you a tour of the whole garden if you’d like!

  • My Mom says we're not allowed to go to the Dark Chao Garden... She always tells me that the scary Dark Chao cause mischief and trouble almost all the time... They terrify me.

  • *Bonus* Do some improv. Say something you think would fit. Any sentence relying on this character's personality will do!

Rachel Mckinely Wade
Future ASMR Videos! (Narratives for Pokemon ASMRs, Sonic Listener ASMRs, and a Shy Guy Audio Roleplay ASMR, And More!)
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