Rachel Mckinely Wade

Rachel Mckinely Wade

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About Rachel Mckinely Wade

Hello! My name is Rachel!

  • she/her

  • 8+ years of acting experience (mostly stage)

  • I am above the age of 18

My vocal range can be anywhere from a higher toned male to high pitched female. An example would be my impressions range from ash ketchum to cream the rabbit from sonic. I naturally have a very low voice as a woman. I'm looking to expand my range further and take on chanllenging roles to improve my range.

Thank you for viewing my channel!

What Rachel Mckinely Wade is looking for

Anything, free or paid.

  • @marioluigiii

    She brings Yellowfang to life in my warrior cats project.
    and blew me away at her audition! I didn't know who was going to me Yellowfang, but I knew right away that she was the perfect fit for the role.