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Rachel Mckinely Wade for Zeena (Sonic Lost World)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Zeena (Sonic Lost World)

Zeena is a green, villainous Zeti from the Sonic Lost World video game. Zeena is the feisty, vain member of the Deadly Six, with the only individual she cares about being herself and herself only. Zeena is portrayed as a typical fashion queen, wanting to take great care of her appearance, and keep herself looking as pretty as she can be! She is very protective of her looks, and she is often seen taking care of her nail art, and the nail art getting ruined by others ESPECIALLY infuriates her. She is also a mischievous temptress, playfully flirting with others, but despite all of those quirks, Zeena really is an antagonistic Zeti you HAVE to take seriously, as she is selfish, cruel, heartless and violent. She doesn't care what happens to others, and has no remorse for her actions... Unless it's herself and her appearance, in which it's the ONLY thing Zeena looks after, but you MIGHT be lucky to be able to get Zeena to work for you or help you if you give her the best compliments! In this ASMR, you have a makeup and manicure session with this fashion and beauty guru Zeti! Will you be able to get the best makeup and nail art you can from Zeena despite having to put up with her nasty attitude?  

 (For Zeena's voice, I'm looking for hers to sound similar or identical to the voice she has in Sonic Lost World. Here are some voice clips for reference!) https://youtu.be/yveM0SC748M https://youtu.be/HoAsQTQihLY

Character Thumbnail Artwork made by Sol-Lar-Bink.)

  • english
Voice description:
  • animation/character
  • american valley girl
  • female teen
  • monster
  • female young adult
  • female adult
  • voice match
  • So you came here because you're worried about the way you look, right? Well, it's clear that you're wise to think about your appearance that way... Because you look absolutely HIDEOUS!!! Ugh... You should consider yourself lucky you even HAVE someone here to help you become a better-looking you! So take a seat, and keep your trap shut while I work my magic on you.

  • Hmmm... What kind of nail art do you think looks best on you? Shhhhh, silence. Rhetorical question. You do not get to pick the artwork for your nails. I know what looks best on everyone, so you're going with THESE types of colors!

  • *Bonus* Do some improv. Say something you think would fit. Any sentence relying on this character's personality will do!

Rachel Mckinely Wade
Future ASMR Videos! (Narratives for Pokemon ASMRs, Sonic Listener ASMRs, and a Shy Guy Audio Roleplay ASMR, And More!)
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