Benjamin Yadegar for Zahra Rose (ZAR-ruh ROSE)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Zahra Rose (ZAR-ruh ROSE)
Role assigned to: KiChan

Zahra is Scarlett's best friend, and has been missing her and Ruby ever since they disappeared. When she finds out Ruby has returned she is pleased but disappointed not to see Scarlett. She tries to comfort Ruby.

Zahra is quite stubborn, and she always says what she thinks. She's not the kind of girl you'd want to mess with.

Zahra is 12. I'm looking for a grown up (but whilst sounding like a child) voice that sounds relatively deep, and quite blunt. I am not looking for a specific accent.

Zahra is a main character.

  • english
Voice description:
  • british (estuary)
  • english (british)
  • general british
  • Stubborn
  • speaks her mind
  • generic british
  • british (highbrow)
  • british (liverpool)
  • british (london)
  • british (northern)
  • british (posh)
  • female teen
  • american
  • american (midwest)
  • american (new york)
  • american (northeast)
  • american (southeast)
  • female young adult
  • all accents
  • any
  • Any Accent
  • all english accents
  • british
  • british (cockney)
  • grown up
  • Sassy
  • all american accents
  • american (southern)
  • english (northern)
  • general north american english
  • all slavic accents
  • Blunt
  • "Ruby, please don’t leave again…I can’t lose you again." *upset*

  • "MYA LOOK OUT-" *warning, panicked*

  • "IT’S YOU?! You’ve been gone so long!" *in shock*

Benjamin Yadegar

Hey There! Would you like to be in my project? My project is called Scream, you can go to my page if you need more information.

    Benjamin Yadegar

    Sure. I assume you want me to audition for a different role there?

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