Old Enough | Sims 4 Voiceover Series [REBOOT]

Joseph Bozlinski for Chad Connelly (he/him)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Chad Connelly (he/him)
Role assigned to: Joseph Bozlinski

SUPPORTING CAST [This character does use forms of hate speech]

Chad Connelly is a fellow student at Stonycreek University. He's highly involved the fraternity scene on campus and doesn't come from humble beginnings. In fact, this man is loaded. Furthermore, Chad grew up in the same circles at Wes. They used to be close as kids but as they've grown in different directions, their bond definitely took a hit. Although that's the case, they still coexist in the same circles in college.

Chad is the life of the party and is very popular and well liked among his peers but that doesn't absolve him from his obvious bigotry towards people different from him. 

Given that he's year above the main cast, he was enrolled when the big scandal occurred and may know a lot more than he lets on.

Voice description:
  • male young adult
  • {drunk/welcoming} "Jungle juice is in the kitchen and the keg is in the living room. You're free to drink as much as your hearts desire."

  • {angry/upset} "Do I look fucking good? That bitch just made me look like a fucking idiot in front of everyone. (groans) FUCK!"

  • {threatening/smug} "I'll see your ass in court."

Joseph Bozlinski
Old Enough | Sims 4 Voiceover Series [REBOOT]
Joseph Bozlinski

Thanks so much for listening!

Discord: ValiantShadow

Twitter: @JBozVA

Email: JBozlinskiVA(at)gmail.com


Thank you so much for auditioning! This was perfect

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