MOET Audio Drama 2ND ROUND

Richard Gibson for Voice Actor - Agmen / Ag the Iovvant

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Voice Actor - Agmen / Ag the Iovvant
Paid: Flat Rate 45 USD
Role assigned to: Alben Bloomfield

Agmen / Ag, is a biped lizard from Jupiter (known as Iovve).

He is a pirate and second-in-command of the ship the Ogra. While he is blood-related to Iason, he makes far more mistakes and has to constantly makes sure he doesn't upset his leader. Like Iason, Agmen / Ag is also an antagonist for this story.

*Please note for this role, you will have a lot of lines in an alien language, so please be willing for some learning curve in the script. 

Pronunciation guide:

  1. Gar anag - gAR ah-nahg.

  • english
Voice description:
  • male adult
  • monster
  • radio drama
  • female adult
  • androgynous
  • All these useless snips, we’re hardly ready to dock planet-side. Hurry your scrawny tails, or I’ll have it for all of ya! Gar anag!

  • (hissing) You just love to hear yourself talk, don’t you?

  • I’ll pretend you agreed. (interrogating) The last time-traveling piece, where is it? We’ve managed to take the prototype from the Emperor, so where’s your merchant vessel?

Richard Gibson
MOET Audio Drama 2ND ROUND
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