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Joseph David Spence for Nolan

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Paid: Flat Rate 61 USD
Role assigned to: Joshua Cookingham

Nolan is the elder brother of Faye. He cares about his sister a lot and would do anything just to save her. Whenever someone tries to threaten her or anyone else he cares about, he won't be holding back.

Age: 18 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Line Count: 61

Voice Pitch: Medium to Medium-High; Very friendly and approachable at the same time.

  • (Sad, caring) You're my sister, I'm only telling you what's good for you. I hate it when I see you getting hurt. So just listen to me, okay?

  • (Shocked, upset) Faye! Are you crazy?! Do you even know how furious the king will get if he founds out about this?!

  • (Feeling bad) We know that, but you didn't have to do this for us, we were all in this together.

Joseph David Spence
Unknown | A Gacha Club Animated Voice Acted Movie (PAID ROLES)
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