High School Of The Dead Abridged

Joseph Bozlinski for Takashi

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: Leddy

Before the downward spiral that is the zombie apocalypse, he was finally ready to face his true feelings & confront Rei during the outbreak at his High School he goes through what most would think is hell only for him to shut himself out from his friends 

He's a silver tough jokester not because he's happy about his situation he's way of coping with the pain & suffering he witnesses 

Most of the EP is taking place during The Initial outbreak so it's a realistic take on how someone would act in an apocalypse so that would be up to you as it's happening around you

  • Takashi:[sarcastically] Gee, are you really the only other friend I have other than Hisashi? & Kohta

  • Takashi: [a sense of peace] Hmm?.. You know, you may be a degenerate, but you're at least a good friend with good advice…who shipped most of the school…

  • Takashi: [intimidating] Says you. If I hadn’t met you crying on this stairwell you would be stuck in your little corner writing doujin-

Joseph Bozlinski
High School Of The Dead Abridged


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