High School Of The Dead Abridged

Justice Margowski (Mildhot Sauce) for Kohta

Voice Actor
Voice Actor

Easy going at times becomes insane He hates Saya with a burning passion after having to always work with her at an anime studio they both intern 

Kohta is NEET at heart He's is a Digital Artist as well Video Creator mainly around Gun Reviews mainly to support his Hobbies He's Friends with Saya tho as of late it's a love & hate relationship tho having Dated in the past long ago they are trapped together after being in a 5-year contract with an anime corporation they continue to work together retractile 

  • Kohta: right? ugh right![confused to sure]

  • Kohta: oh hey Say-

Justice Margowski (Mildhot Sauce)
High School Of The Dead Abridged

Also if you can share this everywhere to people you know I have a feeling this many roles is going to take a while

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