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Richard Gibson for 2) Quirrel

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
2) Quirrel
Role assigned to: JamesWeirichVO

Quirrel is an inquisitive, up-beat explorer, fascinated by the myths of Hallownest for reasons he cannot explain. While he remains a simple observer, he is wise of the land's dangers and has some skill with a nail.

In most encounters with Quirrel, he's taking in his surroundings, appreciating the wondrous world which he’s been lucky enough to explore. Quirrel speaks like a middle aged adult, but his voice at times edges on elderly. This is because in the story, Quirrel has actually lived two lifetimes, being kept alive by the mask he wears. While wearing it, he’s very agile, and his body is in perfect condition. Upon willingly losing his mask, he loses the life support it provided him, and his body begins to die. We last see him sitting at the Blue Lake, the last spot he wished to visit before leaving Hallownest. At this point, his journey has concluded, and he is at peace with himself, happy to take in the tranquility of the clear water.

For Hallownest Vocalized, there are a number of roles which I would like to be as close as possible to the original voice, and Quirrel is one of those. For your audition, you must accurately translate Quirrel’s ingame voice and speech patterns into English dialogue, which you can listen to here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfpj8FPGozY.

Here are some helpful tip for what specifically I’m looking for:

  • For lines 0 and 1, you must use Quirrel’s middle aged voice. Timestamps “0:00 - 0:04” and “0:08 - 0:14” from that video provide an example of the voice I’m looking for for Quirrel’s middle aged voice. 

  • Keep in mind how his voice changes depending on what pitch his voice is hitting. For example, you can hear the “elderly” side of his normal voice hinted at when his voice hits a high pitch at “0:00 - 0:02”. 

  • Specifically for line 2, you should use 0:21 - 0:26 when deciding what voice to use, as these are the voice clips he uses when speaking that line. I suggest watching this clip of Quirrel saying Line 2 in game, here’s a link: https://youtu.be/Z5GinwEoTPo?t=875

  • [Fascination]  {context: Quirrel is sitting at a bench and looking out upon Hallownest's Capital}  

    The capital lies before us my friend. What a sombre place it seems and one that holds the answers to many a mystery. I too have felt the pull of this place, though now I sit before it I find myself hesitant to descend. Is it fear I wonder, or something else that holds me back?

    The city looks to be built into an enormous cavern, and the rain pours down from cracks in the stone above. There must be a lot of water up there somewhere. I suppose, if the cave roof stayed strong this long, it should hold for us. Before I leave this Kingdom, I'd like to see where all that water comes from. What a sight it must be!

    Video of the specific in-game conversation:  https://youtu.be/Z5GinwEoTPo?t=353

  • [Awe, but Feeling Deja Vu]  {context: Standing before the Teacher's Archive, a building he worked in during his past life (a life which he's lost most memory of)} 

    Doesn't this kingdom just abound with surprises? A building atop an acid lake. Despite the sight, I can't help but feel... familiarity? Something stirs in my mind, though I can't yet tell what.. I'd thought it my lust for discovery that led me here but now there seems something else. This building beckons me.

    Video of the specific in-game conversation: https://youtu.be/Z5GinwEoTPo?t=565 

  • [At Peace, but Nearing Death]  {context: Is sitting at the Blue Lake, the final place he wished to witness before leaving Hallownest (in this case, before dying)} 

    Again we meet, my short friend. Here at last, I feel at peace. Twice I've seen this world and though my service may have stripped the first experience from me, I'm thankful I could witness its beauty again. Hallownest is a vast and wondrous thing, but with as many wonders as it holds, I've seen none quite so intriguing as you.

    Ha. My flattery returns only silent stoicism. I like that.

    I like that very much.

    Video of the specific in-game conversation:  https://youtu.be/Z5GinwEoTPo?t=875 

Richard Gibson
Hallownest Vocalized | Bringing English VAs to Hollow Knight
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