The Adventure Zone Dub SEASON 2: Murder On the Rockport Limited

Devin_DK for Angus McDonald

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Angus McDonald
Role assigned to: cosplaykisses

A young boy, age 10, Angus is on the Rockport Limited to visit his grandfather in Eversummer.  While he seems like an unassuming kid at first, it becomes abundantly clear that there is more to him than initial appearances. He is kind, polite, and wildly intelligent beyond his years, armed a keen mind and an outstanding eye for detail.

Angus should have a high, childlike voice, very formal, polite, and at times very elqouent. 

Voice references:

  • [Mildly uncomfortable, keeping an air of politeness] "Thank you for the evangelism, sir, but my grandpa always told me I shouldn't talk to strangers....especially ones who worship Olympian gods."

  • [Exiting room, cheerful] "If you sirs will excuse me, I came here to read books and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum. Thank you for the good chat."

  • [Friendly, yet dismissive] "Oh no, sir. I am a hundred percent sure that the three of you don't have the competency required to perform multiple murders without getting caught."

The Adventure Zone Dub SEASON 2: Murder On the Rockport Limited
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