Lending my voice to all who need it.

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About SparkzTheIceLad

I am a young African American Voice actor trained by the wonderful instructors at John Casablancas  and MTM agency. Mainly interested in voice over/voice acting roles for video games, anime, animations and the like. Very open to criticism and guidance to improve but also very confident about my skills to convey true emotion and skill with my voice.

RHS - 2012


Instructed by Mrs. Yates

Taught me the basics of refined stage acting. 

CCBC - 2014

Acting 101

Instructed by Ryan Clark

While under his tutelage I recieved commendations for my time in the schools theater troupe as one of the best actors. 

John Casablancas/MTM - 2020

Acting/Modeling/Voice Acting

Instructed by Carroll Forester Jr.

Graduated with talent recognized by my instructors and agents to have them represent me as a contestant at the 2021 IMTA competition.

What SparkzTheIceLad is looking for

  • Looking to be involved in your passion projects and help bring you characters to life

  • Voice a wide array of personalities and individuals

  • Build a following of supporters who love the craft and can help eachother grow to make our dreams reality

  • To be well known and recognized for my talent and skill as a VA

  • @deleted533519

    This man has talent I am stunned by. His range is impeccable, he can do such an array of characters and roles with total ease! You can tell just by his demos that he can cover all different kinds of personalities, speech patterns, and accents effectively! I actually envy his talent a little.
    For me, he voiced as Bolo in a Shantae video on my channel. I could tell he liked Bolo from his audition alone, and I knew he was the perfect match for the dorky blue-haired boy! He did not disappoint with his final performance! He put so much feeling into it, major props to him! He and the others I had come on were absolutely amazing!
    He's auditioned for other projects of mine and I'm honestly stunned. He has my respect and my recommendation. Seriously guy, this guy? He knows what he's doing!

  • @mmysteriousacorn

    I was looking at others auditions on a project I was hoping to apply for and let me tell you, this man takes the cake! He is wonderfully skilled, I would definitely recommend him! 

  • @smashmaster

    STIL has an amazing voice range from a young adult to an old man and gave his best performances for many characters including one of the main characters for my project: Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Awesome dude to work with. 100% recommend.

  • @lilashines

    Stil has amazing work ethic and is a lot of fun to work with! Very eager to please, they keep going until they get it right! I'll always be happy to work with this VA!

    Not only are they amazing with what they do acting wise, their video editing skills are top knotch!

  • @matthewtstratton

    I highly recommend Stil for any project that is looking for quality work by an amazing voice talent. He completely blew me away by his work on my project, and I would absolutely be honored at the opportunity to work with him again.