Hi, I'm Marble! I'm a voice actress for hire who wants to make it big!

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About Marble

Name: Marble

Pronouns: She/Her
Preferred Method of Contact: Discord

Twitter: @Sniffledorpmcdr

Discord: sniffledorpmcdrumptenstein

Gmail:Sniffledor @ Gmail (Yes the P is missing on purpose)


If I'm reached out to specifically, it really depends on the size of the project and how much time the project takes. We can agree on a price typically unless I'm adamant about a certain price. The latter typically only happens due to interfering with serious personal life things or major events (Weddings, Funerals, or Etc). My time is very valuable to me and scheduling you in is an important commitment that I will take seriously. My time will be worth your money, I swear on it!

My Prices, Roundabout:
Small Project: 10-20$
Medium Sized Project: 30-60$

Large Project: 70-100$
Interferes with Scheduled Event or Otherwise: +15$ (Not Common)

What Marble is looking for

I want to eventually be in Cartoons and Video Games! I grew up wishing to be in cartoons and haven't let that dream go. I want to be what my inspirations were for me. I want to be somebody to look up to, I want to be somebody's deciding moment of, "Yeah, I want to be a Voice Actor, because of Marble." That is my dream.

  • @dezorbo

    Marble is such a passionate voice actress. With a very WIDE range of vocal work she is definitely there to fill any role with gusto! She's such a friendly easy going person.  Very approachable!

  • @Lovulee

    Marble is very flexible with what she can do, and a joy to work with throughout the entire process!

  • @elunoir-unloveable

    Marble is an exceptional voice actress with a wide range, both in terms of scale and tonality. I would recommend her for a wide array of projects. Her charismatic attitude, and quick turnaround time is well worth any asking price.