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My demo reel comes with video too, if you care about that sort of thing. Here's a link:

Howdy-do. I'm a voiceover guy/Fallout mod author. That second part is a pretty big time/effort sink, so I don't really go out and look for projects that need my voice, so much as I do just take requests.

I'm also willing to do some proof-reading for mods. I make up for my lack of skills in most areas by being really overspecialized in literacy and grammar. 

Don't worry, prospective voice actors. I'm not especially inclined to do that thing where I put up a project and then spend months with a thumb up my ass while you guys that audition are waiting to hear if I cast you or not. I'll get back to you within a few days, at most.

Demos & Samples

Th3Overseer 2020 Demo Reel

I ripped this audio directly from the game. My actual audio doesn't have background noise or music.

  • @cdo947214

    Absolutely outstanding voice actor. He also makes some of the best Fallout mods.