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About shucaisan

Hello there! I am an agender/asexual voice actor and artist, and a university student. Aside from that, I have experience with voice directing and some minor experience in audio editing!

Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, French (intermediate), Japanese (I am still learning, but I can pronounce the words well)

I do not and will NEVER consent to have my voice used for AI data banks. Thanks.


  • Furina de Fontaine, Yae Miko, Bronya Rand - Backlights Studios

  • Furina de Fontaine, Focalors, Freminet, Ruan Mei - KDD Fandub Studios

    • Tail Temporary VA - KDD Fandub Studios

  • Touka Satomi - Project Mokyuu

  • Pandemonica (Sadistic) - Apocryphal/Helltaker fan animation

  • Kirby, Beatrice, Yunyun - Starlite Studios

  • Narrator - Umineko Concerto/Dub of the Golden Witch

  • Klee - Albedo's New Skin animatic

  • Klee - Genshin Impact "Girls in Red" fan audiodrama

  • Ichika Hoshino - Project Sekai Primary Colors

  • Crownslayer - Arknights Abridged

  • Miriel - Fire Emblem Awakening Definitive Fandub

  • Miriel, Mareeta - Fire Emblem Outrealms Fandubs by Syrene Farore

  • Nils - Durandubs Blazing Blade Fandub

  • Merrin - Fire Emblem Engage Confessions Fandub by BrooklynDizzy

  • Clanne - Fire Emblem Engage Awkward Zombie comic dub by rysonic

  • Elizabeth - Persona 3 Abridged

  • Mirei Mikagura - Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Fandub

  • Faruzan - Getsumei's Genshin Impact Comic Dub

  • Dori - Genshin Impact Attacks Showcase Sumeru Edition

  • Haruka Kiritani - Project Sekai Mystical Melodies

Note: I do not do Gacha Life projects or outright NSFW. Projects with some suggestive content or violence/other mature themes are fine but if there's anything explicitly sexual, I won't voice in it.


$0.12 USD per word, but I am open to negotiation on price. This only applies for scouting and commissions!

I do not expect payment from projects listed as "unpaid" that I audition for on my own.

What shucaisan is looking for

Interested in video game/anime/manga fandubs!

  • @mus_tara

    I've been currently working with Project Mokyuu as a voice actor and Shu has been an incredible voice director! Shu has given me such amazing vocal direction and I've learnt so much because of her! I definitely would recommend her! <3

  • @crystal-tidal-waves

    Shu was professional and easy to work with, they managed to get their lines done beautifully despite the very limited time I gave them. They are definitely someone that you would want on your cast!

  • @ari_sunshine

    Shu has been a spectacular director! They are super well organized and working with them has been an absolute joy! <3 I highly recommend auditioning for any of their future projects!

  • @SleepyAtMidnight

    I've been working with Shu for awhile now, and they have been really fun and professional to work with! If you're looking for a VA that can get back to you efficiently and someone with an amazing range, then I recommend them big time!

  • @sumiva

    Shucaisan's voice acting is amazing and I am glad to have them on my project! They voice Tsimugi Shirogone in my fangan, And do an amazing job at it! They also help me make sure I'm careful online, 100000000/10 on everything they've done!

  • @T_Tardzer

    Shucasian brought our character to life wonderfully, our team would fully recommend her for any project.