Aspiring voice actor and singer!

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Hiya! I'm Ari! I'm 19 years old and looking to jump into the world of voice acting and singing! I'm also a VTuber on twitch!

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  • @eeveeknight101

    She voiced one of my characters and nailed it really brought her to life definitely recommend 

  • @0racle-2022

    Ari voiced Nabi on my Zoey project, and she did great voicing her :D

  • @merryday365

    Super sweet, very easy to work with. If you want big energy and cute voice she's the one to go for!

  • @deleted575502

    I worked with Ari on my It Lives Beneath project where she voiced Isabella a mannequin doll and wow she performed it so well for such a minor character! Our communication was quick and straight to the point and takes feedback in consideration. She also delivers with clear and clean audio. She's nice kind and cool and I highly recommend working with her in the future!

  • @Asriel_DTPG

    Ari voiced All-Choice in TorchicMaster's Do-Wrong and Done-Wright comic series for a while, her voice impressions as a female child always has a knack for capturing innocence and playfulness.

    Definitely recommend!

  • @yugogaminghd

    Ari is such a good voice actress. She was in my recent manga dub video on my channel and did amazing with her voice acting. If you're looking for someone who sounds cute and adorable, I highly recommend her for your projects.