Australian -Voice Actor - Singer - Writer - Teacher.

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About S.Jacklin

Hey! Sarah Jacklin, here!

Most recognisable as: Emilia Conly in Portal: Revolution

Voice acting has always been a dream of mine and now here I am, making it happen!

If you have a role you'd love me to fill, feel free to shoot through a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

My voice has often been described as mellow and smokey with a character range extending from light and girlish to warm middle-aged and various cartoonish characters. With a background in musical theatre and 6 years of stagecraft experience, my singing training and vocal range lends a beautiful melody to my speaking voice. 


Unless the project is specified as Non-Paid, I like to work from the Indie Rate Guide. That said, I'm always happy to negotiate for a passion or student project. If the role I've auditioned for states a price, that is the price I have accepted.

What S.Jacklin is looking for

I'm super interested in Audio Dramas, Video Games and Animation work. I love doing more mature, emotional roles but also taking my high energy and applying it to zanier character ventures.

  • @valiantshadow

    She possesses boundless enthusiasm, and it’s utterly infectious. Having her on your team will further inspire you to do your absolute best. Friendly, professional, willing and able to take direction, and just… a phenomenal person, one who I cannot wait to work with again.

  • @monsterstocome

    Amazing, talented, 15/10 actor! Cannot recommend highly enough

  • @tewan

    On Portal: Revolution, Sarah was one of those rare perfect candidates for the role. When I found her profile I just prayed she'd accept and I can't imagine anyone who I'd have rather picked. Sarah pretty much made Conly. Her lovely and expressive energy and wide range of emotions and accents absolutely defined that character. We didn't know who that character was until Sarah joined us and she immediately became a fan-favourite. Her commitment and professionalism while working on this volunteer project just for fun still leaves me in awe. You only get that from someone who is truly passionate and loves what they do. She is an absolute blast to collaborate with. I hope to work with her myself again if the opportunity presents itself and I cannot recommend Sarah enough. Not just a good voice actor, but also a lovely coworker and a good friend.