Hello! My name is Sansd! I've been doing voice acting since 2020 and improving every year! Hopefully my voice fits a character of yours. If you're interested in working with me, please dm me! Discord: croutonpants

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About sansd

I use an Audio-Technica AT2020 as my microphone in a sound treated closet and use Audacity for audio editing/recording


Whatever rates are listed for the role

What sansd is looking for

I prefer original creations. Mostly because there's a lot more passion involved usually. I love working with passionate directors and great teams

  • @otellino

    I worked with Sansd on my Fallout 4 project "America Rising 2 - Legacy of the Enclave", and while the role itself was small it was also critically important - the very first voice the player hears. I'm really thankful to have worked with him as he was perfect for the role. His recording quality was top notch, and we workshopped the ideal delivery I was looking for - and he nailed it. I'd love to work with him again in the future - and give him a bigger role!