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About Samuel

Hi there! My name is Sam, I'm a 20 year old voice actor and content creator thrilled to get started in the industry. Look forward to working with you :)

I'm a complete beginner but I am willing to learn and do whatever it takes to be the best I can be at it. I've been putting a lot of time into watching interviews about acting with the greats and participating in masterclasses to further expand my knowledge of voice acting.

I have a Bristolian accent so I have a thing called rhotic r's which means I emphasise reading r's in words. I also rarely pronounce my t's unless they are dominant, so a normal person would say 

but-ter I would say bu-er or wa-ter I would say wa-er and so on... I can put on an accent that cancels that though, the joys of voice acting ay!

My Roles/Projects that I'm voicing/voiced for..

Majisar, Zeluma and the Singing Monk-Origins and Lores

Ryend, Scout Reynauld, Major, Fetu, Atia, Office Manager, Fruludir- Voice’s of Wynn (Minecraft Mod)

Elder 2 and Eddard-Burning the Pages

Peter- Three Little Pigs (Elementary School Animation)

Quirinus Quirrel and Seamus Finnegan-LEGO Harry Potter/Breaking Bad

Luther the Tigershark-Kapacoud Productions

Weed Eater-Tiberian Sun Voiceover

Damien Ridware-The Descendants

Carter Mccallister- Dimension Zero, Daydream, Smile Inc..

Thanks for checking out my profile you legend. Dash me an email if my voice may be suitable for a project you may be working on!

  • @voicesofwynn

    Samuel voiced a worried father for one of our quests and we really loved his voice! He also was really fast to record the lines and a pleasure to work with.

  • @deleted663012

    Samuel was amazing to work with! He gave amazing quality work in a timely manner and was able to revise and do extra things that I forgot to put into the script! I will be working again with him in the future!