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About League of Retired Evil

Nothing much to tell about myself except that I am a graphic designer/traditional artist. Cartoon impressions have been a dream to do a side job for, along with any singing projects.

My projects are currently on hold due to a strict occupation schedule offline, but I am available for vocal commissions at $5 per sentence. Prices will probably change yearly.

Art Regulations:

- Commission prices vary, and they change each year. I'm available for commissions from May 21st - October 31st.

- Prints are available to view and purchase, including my official [and old] Villainial poster- 8x11 and 11x14.

- Original traditional pieces I've made are also available for purchase. Once they're sold, they're gone for good.

- If you're looking for a quote, let me know and I'll send you the list of prices in DM.

Song Regulations:
- If it's a cover, let me know what song and who sung it. It'll give me time to study, discuss who would be getting what part [if it's a multi-collab], and practice to have the role done right.
- If it's an original song of yours, message me on my Discord. Note that I may not reach back out to you right away due to time constraints at work, but I'll log in as soon as I get off each shift to respond. I shall send you my account name once asked.

- For any reason I can't sing the song's pitch or work with the role, I am obligated to let you know right away and reasons to say why [pitch isn't high or low enough for the role's vocals, I might not have enough time to reach the deadline, voice had been blown out due to a sickness, etc].

- I will not work with NSFW or explicit content that pertains to sex.
- Cursing is okay with me for the script.
- If you're making a blooper reel involving me and/or others, ask me beforehand on DM or Discord.
- Let me know what you would like me to dub with you on first before I blindly go in.
- If anything has come up on either side that would affect recording or collaboration on project(s), it must be established immediately.

- I'm currently available on Mondays and Tuesdays to work on the script and reach out with questions or concerns about the project.

Please be sure to check in for updates, and sleep well my villian-ials!


($$-$$$) DM me for price details on graphic design commissions or short animations.

Vocal Commissions are $5 a sentence.

What League of Retired Evil is looking for

Clean-up Artist/Animator, Background Audio Editor, Background Vocal Singer, Voice Actor for [minor] Character, or something along the lines of remote work at home for media (animation, video games, etc). Will also work with Photo Retouching, Video Editing, and Digital Media (thumbnails, banners, PFPs, etc). Will not work with AI.

  • @rowenr9

    What to say about LORE. To say working with her was a delight is an understatement. Communicating with her was quick, effective and easy. She's someone who you want to work with because your guaranteed to have an amazing experience. We sang a cover of Give us the Wand and not only were her harmonies insanely on point but her art work for the cover clearly shows that she cares about her work. I'm looking forward to working with her again.