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I'm a guy who does what he can.

  • @deleted69994

    I voice several characters on ShadowZPA's machinima series, and have received lots respect and patience! I highly recommend this person as both a client and a voice actor.

  • @heidisprite

    ShadowZPA and I have been long-time friends and project partners. His role as the voice of Sandenbow in my Smash Machinima, One Step Back, fits perfectly with the vision I have for the character, serious with quirky moments. ShadowZPA delivers his lines in a unique way, throwing in a bit of his own style into the mix that sticks well to whatever role he lands. He is also very good at adapting to direction, as all it takes for him is a few different takes of a line to get it perfectly. ShadowZPA is on time with his line submissions and I have hardly ever had to ask for retakes.