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Lilly Mae

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About Lilly Mae

Lilly Mae is a German-American voice actress, singer, and graphic designer based in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Having a strong background in theater and singing, she decided to pursue voice over in 2022. She has lent her voice to video games, animated series, audio dramas and more.

With a passion for bringing characters to life and an impressive vocal range, she can provide your project with any voice you need! She prides herself on quality, client satisfaction and making sure your project is the best it can possibly be!

Book Lilly in your next project for a truly professional and next level experience!

Private - 2008


Instructed by Private

Private theater coaching from 2003-2008

Private - 2009


Instructed by Private

Private vocal coaching for all genres of singing from 2003-2009

Studiopolis - 2015

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Lynnanne Zager
Sunny Blue Studios - 2022

Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by Rachael Messer
Nightingale Voices - 2023

Introduction to Video Game Voice Acting

Instructed by Sarah Nightingale
Get Mic'd - 2023

Demo Prep Workshop

Instructed by Elley Hennessey and Deb Munr
Eventbrite - 2024

Taking your VO career full-time in 2024

Instructed by Gina Scarpa
Strawberry Hill Studio - 2024

Intro to Anime Walla VO

Instructed by Morgan Berry

Pricing is flexible! DM to discuss options (: unpaid roles are accepted on a case by case basis

What Lilly Mae is looking for

Lilly is open to working on all types of projects but prioritizes paid work. SFW projects only please! Profanity and suggestive themes are okay. 

  • @sharkman135

    Getting to work with Lilly was an absolute pleasure she is a wonderful Actress and one I would Recommend for your project!

  • @ColinFearsVO

    GamerLilly's quality of work is fantastic, with clear audio quality and unique interpretations of her characters. They're a complete joy to work with, always reaching out to boost people up and show kindness and support as a fellow VA!

  • @newjerseyartist

    Hoo, boy. Where do I start with LillyMae? I know this is probably gonna sound redundant as hell, but here's the thing: I don't care if it is. I'm saying it from the heart. LillyMae is a pure talent. Without question, she is one of the most talented, hard-working, most sweetest VA I've ever encountered. She's always reliable, knows how to get the job done, and pours her heart and soul into the characters she voices, especially with providing background voices in her feature film debut, "Strange Journey". To be perfectly honest, it'll be damning of me to not give her voice-over work again, because, like I said, she's one of the finest VAs I've ever worked with, and I couldn't be any more happier to have her onboard in my projects. I'm looking forward to work with her again. Thank you, Lilly!