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Hi everyone!

I'm Reginald. Reggie is fine too. I'm an actor in NYC, and I've done various projects, but I have always wanted to get into voice over. My main 3 hobbies on a typical day are...
1) Video Games
2) Watching TV & Anime
3) Writing and performing Poetry
...all of which include tons of VO exposure that get me pumped to help create content and tell awesome stories. My most recent, and notable, accomplishment would be recording the lead voice of Dante in "Childish: The Podcast Musical" available for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher orĀ  wherever you listen to your podcasts!

American Musical and Dramatic Academy - 2012

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  • @april-dark

    Reginald Keith J is an awesome person to work with. He's really talented, works fast, and delivers his lines with great quality. Reginald played the main character of my machinima for Spark'd contest which I had to prepare very quickly. This actor showed full professionalism and understanding of my project. Thanks to him I managed to finish my machinima before the deadline and soon I have been chosen as a top creator. I'm super grateful for the help I got from him. Highly recommended!