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  • @smashmaster

    I enjoyed Rebirth’s phenomenal performance as Maximillion J Pegasus for my Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Manga Dub! He nailed the role from the range and emotion. Every time he showed up on screen, it’s a performance you don’t want to miss! He also voiced Yozora for my Versus XIII project. Hire this man for your project!

  • @wisteriashadow

    Rebirth voice acted for, in my opinion, one of the most performatively difficult and dynamic characters in my audiobook project - a monstrous entity named 'Kezume'. They did a phenomenal job fulfilling my vision of the character and had no problem tailoring their acting based on my direction, and were one of the first major-character voice actors to finish submitting all of their final lines. Overall, a reliable voice actor with highly adaptable skills!