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About RascalDevworks

An indie game development studio founded in 2018. Our narrative-driven games focus on fantastical settings and romances led by female protagonists.

Developer of After I Met That Catgirl, My Questlist Got Too Long! and Sigh of the Abyss.

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  • @kyo-sija

    It was an honour to work with Rascal Devworks on their yuri isekai visual novel Catgirl's Questlist. The direction was incredibly clear and neatly organised in various Excel tabs so I always knew where I was at in terms of voice lines. Response time to any questions I had was swift and the experience was so delightful that I was more than happy to provide extra voices when asked if I was interested.

    Anyone who has the opportunity to work with this wonderful developer should definitely take it!

  • @Sasha927

    Rascal was a dream to work with - the exact experience you hope to have as a Voice Actor. Communication was always prompt, clear, and courteous. My lines were well-organized with just enough direction to encourage creativity without being vague. Even when I brought my unique touch of personal awkwardness to the situation, Rascal was undaunted and highly cooperative. We should all be so lucky and I hope to be again soon.

  • @jane-wing

    RascalDevworks is fabulous to work with. Prompt responses, clear direction and great writing  - what more could a VA ask for? Highly recommended!

  • @TheBastMaster

    It was a pleasure and an honour working with Rascal. I can only mirror what has already been said by others here. Clear, fast and friendly communication. The lines excellently organised and they were very accommodating when I asked for some more direction or context information here and there, otherwise leaving me to be as creative as I wanted to be with the characters.   I hope I, and all actors here and everywhere else, can be so lucky to work with Rascal again in the future.