Bastian B.

Bastian B.

Taking the leap and trying to achieve the dream, that I never truly committed to before, that is voice acting for me.

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About Bastian B.

I am a guy from Germany, 28 years old now, who has dabbled over and over in acting but never committed to making it work. Well I made up my mind and decided to love my voice, have fun with it and actually start using it proper.

Am pretty new to the VO world, but I am trying to get myself out here.

iact acting school for film and theatre - 2017

trial semester

Instructed by Evgeni Mestetschki, Johannes Schaefer, et al

I took part in a trial semester at the iact acting school in Hamburg. This included the normal curriculum, which consisted of acting, vocal and singing training, classes on how to do a story board and as well as roles in the play "Die Jungfernfahrt" a story centring on the people in the 1st class smoking room during the sinking of the Titanic. I played the role of the captain and of Robert (who was based on Isidor Straus).

University of Greifswald - 2024

Bachelor of Arts

Instructed by University of Greifswald

From 2017 to 2024 I have studied "British and North American Studies" and "History" in a two-course bachelor of arts. I finished my thesis in 2023 and as of 2024 am graduated with my degree.

In "British and North American Studies" I learned not only the cultural side of those two regions, but the studies also consisted of a heavy focus on learning both the application and deeper linguistics of the English language. Raising my own level to C2 and giving me greater insight into how languages work in general. As part of my bachelor I also did a semester abroad in the UK (winter 2020/21).

Bishop Groseteste University - 2020

Theatre and Studio Practise & Creative Writing

Instructed by

As part of my studies in Germany I went a semester abroad to the UK and took the courses 'Theatre and Studio Practice' (part of the then existing drama/performing arts studies) and 'Creative Writing' (part of English Literature).

In the former we were not only taught about the basics of stage presence and acting, but also mask acting and forming insights about plays and films. This culminated in a participation in a play by one of the senior students. In my case a version of "The Trial" by Franz Kafka, in which I played the roles of one of the officer that arrest K and Herr Huld, K's lawyer. Sadly, due to Covid-19, the play was not performed in front of an audience and had to be recorded instead.

In the latter we learned the basics of writing creatively, finding one's own style, inspiration and enjoyment in writing itself. Over the course of the module we wrote several poems and short stories, explored ourselves as writers and also learned how to inspect and break down the writing of others.

What Bastian B. is looking for

I am mainly looking to entertain and have others, and myself, enjoy my performances. That is what I love about acting after all. So I am open to most kinds of roles and projects. While I eventually wish to be able to do this professionally and full-time, I will always be up to lend my voice to anything that seems fun and interesting.