Wes J. Ryan

Wes J. Ryan

Passionate Storyteller! I write, voice act, and code!

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About Wes J. Ryan

He/They :: 21

I'm an enthusiastic voice actor, writer, and storyteller. I hope I can bring your visions to life and help you tell your stories!

Theatre Lab - 2021

Voice Acting in Video Games

Instructed by Wes Johnson

Wes teaches a 6 week course good practices for development of character constructs, warm ups, techniques, and helps students refine at least one character construct.


My rates are subject to negotiation and may change depending on the workload. I'm confident we can find a reasonable rate for any job given your budget!

What Wes J. Ryan is looking for

I'm primarily looking for work as a Voice Over Artist (voice acting, narration, voice-over, etc.). However, I am also open to other opportunities within my skill set, such as writing, editing, programming, and video & audio editing.

  • @char_azenable_4134

    Ranshi is an excellent actor and writer. Not afraid to tell you if your script is lacking, and will go out of his way to incorporate your vision, and also fix the plot holes you're too in the weeds to see. I cannot understate how lucky I am to have found someone like that, and is also patient enough to actually work with me. I highly recommend Ranshi for any project, he definitely will bring a  level of quality to your project.

  • @fazejdog

    Wes is simply amazing!! He has a great range of voices and is willing to listen to feedback if you have any. He is also able to get his lines in on time with no problem! All around Wes is a great VA and I'm pleased to have worked with him!!!

  • @EnSkithogSager

    Wes did an outstanding voice over job. He not only made sure that the takes I recieved were at optimal quality but he also made great improvisational addages to the script that were exactly right for the characters. A strong recommendation!

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    What can I say about Wes J. Ryan? Well, I'll tell you. Firstly, let me just say that they were a great pleasure to work with. Very friendly, very passionate about their work, and very eager to do what they do. Secondly, they had a quick turn around rate that was amazing. I was able to get the script out and get the work back in a very swift manner that made working on the mod we worked on - Encounters of The Mojave - Black Mountain - much easier and much quicker. I would gladly work with them again if given the chance, and I highly recommend their services to anyone they audition for.

  • @betalille

    Ranshi is a great voice actor who even managed to emote fear perfectly for a small role in a project of mine. I'd happily give them a bigger role in another project if the opportunity arises. Recommended!