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About Yuzukosho Casting Call

This is in conjunction with my Sky Girl auditions. I will have the song as One Step like Sky Girl. Sky Girl will sing one verse, Yuzukosho will sing the second, and we’ll sing the rest together. 

This time, I will not be taking any roles for myself. Their voices are way too high for me. So I need an Ako, Yume, and Yuzu. My rules are the same as everything else, but if you’re new, here you go!
General Info:
  1. 1. This isn't intended to be a long-term concept. Once the casting is done, I expect the recording process to be done in about a month.
  2. 2. I don't require you to have state-of-the-art recording material, but I do expect as little feedback and background noise as possible.
  3. 3. As with everything else, you need to be able to sing relatively on key and be able to follow a guide. If you go off and do your own thing, you will hurt the entire group.
  4. 4. I'm not requiring you to sing any specific Aikatsu song for this audition, but I do not want spam. This is very serious to me.
  5. 5. Because it is serious for me, I might ask to re-record some things if you get casted. This content will not only represent you, but will be representing me since it is going on my YouTube account. 
  6. 6. As one of my voices, your opinion matters. As much as is possible, I want to work together so that way we can make a cover that was as enjoyable to listen to as it was to make.
  7. 7. The video in the description box is what the final video will look like. I'm not changing any font. That took me about 3 hours to make so I'm going to re-render the video. As much as I will stand by you and your singing, unless you are willing to change the entire video, please respect my work.
  8. 8. I will be the one mixing the song, and the lyrics are already made. Please do not ask me to change the lyrics. They are already timed perfectly so there's no need for that.
  9. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.
  10. Most of all: HAVE FUN! Singing is an enjoyable experience ^^

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold