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About (Xbox Roleplay/Gaming) Recruiting Voice Actors and Gamers for a YouTube Machinima Series called Honour Amongst Men!

Ever wanted to join a YouTube Machinima Group running an original story with too many stupid jokes, references to other games and movies, idiots with guns, a man who sounds like he snorts gravel on the daily, and Horse Squad? Well you came to the right place! Hey, I am Trainton but you can call me John! I am the Director of the YouTube Machinima Series, Honour Amongst Men, or HAM for short. I have nearly 2 years of experience directing this Machinima Series and have developed ways to improve each episode and season. Now that I'm done talking about myself, you may be asking  yourself, "What the hell is Honour Amongst Men?" Allow me to help answer that, but first, let me make a ham sandwich. Honour Amongst Men is a fictional comedy episodic story based off two militaries in a war over the city. This story is based in Los Santos (if you haven't watched the video above, now you know it's on Grand Theft Auto V) and there are two to four main groups as of yet:

- DAC are the guys in black, and have evil intentions. Despite 96.2% of DAC being inbred bastards from Alabama and Texas, their leader Dave Voulchure has intentions of taking over Los Santos and using it as a military island and soon take over all of America using their self-breeding forces.

- TSL are the guys in grey and will do anything from letting DAC take over the island. In fact, the two leaders of TSL are ex-DAC soldiers who escaped and went to the government to form TSL with one mission, "Take down DAC and anything that stands with them."

- The Fort Zancudo US Military used to be strong allies with DAC until their leader, Dave, went rogue and fought against the military. Now the military have backed off since TSL became a part of the deal, letting them fight the war as they've got better things to do... apparently...

- The FIB (before complaining, we're going by GTA-logic here so it's not the FBI in this story) have been trying everything to save the city but haven't had any success. This could be down to them believing that TSL was just like DAC and wanting to take over the city for their own goods.

Those are the teams/forces/whatever-you-wanna-call-them groups. Now we have what the rules are for joining, staying and hopefully becoming one of our group legends (we don't have them, we just want new members):


1) You must have an Xbox One to join.
2) You must be 16 years old or older to join. (we used to do 14 year old or above but we are not looking for kids or young teens, sorry...)
3) You must have Grand Theft Auto V to join. (this is pretty obvious if you haven't read anything from above or seen the video... from above...)
4) You must have Discord to join. (we use Discord as a source of information, announcements and recordings. It's essential either way)
5) You cannot troll in the server or during recordings. It is unacceptable and will get you thrown out immediately.
6) Although sometimes an acception during recordings or outside group-related stuff, we do not accept offensive stuff on the server.
7) Be active on the Discord Server. We are strict about our activity rule and will kick anyone who is inactive or refuses to show up to recordings.

When you're on the server, we have other rules for both the group and recordings so make sure to read them if you get in, because they are super important to staying in our good books.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold