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    About World Legacy Lore [Visualized]

    EDIT 04/18/2019: I started doing some sketches and practicing drawing the characters themselves. However, this will more than likely not getting truly started until June 10th or so, as that's when I'll have finally graduated. Hopefully you all will still be interested when that time comes. Will say the auditions I've been getting are really good! So it might take some time for me to decide who exactly to choose.

    If you would like a little explanation on the World Legacy lore, check out this post:


    Anyhow, hello! I'm just passing by with another nerdy project that I want to do because... well... (Who needs lives, am I right?). This project is meant to visualize in more detail and explain the "World Legacy" lore. Basically, through the card game's art, it gives off a certain lore that's still going on today (It started early August last year if I recall). You don't need to be a fan of the card game or know anything about the card game at all, since this... doesn't really involve the actual game at all.

    The whole purpose of this project is to, like I said, explain and visualize the World Legacy lore. I don't plan on fully animating this, or getting anybody to fully animate this. For now, I plan on just having stills in a similar fashion to comics, having some parts slightly animated while others just stills. Now, I can draw; however, it wouldn't be such a bad thing to have a second artist on board as well, or hell maybe even a third. This would just mean that images would come out much faster than if it was just me, since I'm still a amateur at art. Welp, that's all I can think about for now... Hope you're interested~

    I think the lore is almost complete, so for now I'll explain the entire storyline (What I think of it at least):

    The story starts with Ningirsu (Beckoned by the World Chalice), Ib (Crowned by the World Chalice), Aurum (Chosen by the World Chalice), and Imduk (World Chalice Guardragon). In their lore, it's described that they're fighting against the Krawlers, which are corrupted robotic beings. After fighting for a while, a fairy named Lee (Fairy of the World Chalice) meets the group, and tells them the story about the seven world legacies, and how they'd be able to save their home if they gather all seven. Agreeing on this journey, they all venture out into the forest in search of the first World Legacy: The World Chalice.

    The World Chalice is large, and upon finding it, they condense it and obtain it's power, transforming them into powerful entities, capable of rivaling that of the Mekk-Knights.

     - Ib, the World Chalice Priestess: She gained incredible magical prowess.

     - Imduk, the World Chalice Dragon: He gained incredible strength similar to that of a dragon.

     - Aurum, the World Chalice Blademaster: He gained what he called the "Ultimate Sword and Shield". His blade can cut through almost anything, and his shield can block almost any attack. He also gained an increase in speed and strength, but not by a crazy amount.

     - Ningirsu, the World Chalice Warrior: He gained a special lance that's a mutation of the one used before. It has a special property, other than being similar to Aurum's sword in how it cuts almost anything, but it also steps regenerative capabilities. Ningirsu doesn't get a boost in much of anything, but he's already incredibly strong to begin with, so it evens them all out.

    Lee explains after them getting the power up and using their new abilities a bit (Ib flying upon Imduk while he flies, as well as Aurum sparring with Ningirsu), that the next item they need to obtain is the World Gauntlet, which is currently surrounded by many, MANY Krawlers. Upon arrival to the new place, they look around for the item, however the area is enclosed in pure darkness. They couldn't tell what was causing it, but thankfully it seemed that the Krawlers were either gone or inactive. However, Ningirsu stops the others, saying that something isn't right. Ib decides to cast a light spell in order to reveal everything around them, revealing hundreds- maybe even thousands of Krawlers watching. Aurum quickly gets in front of Ib, Ningirsu behind her. Aurum, like he would, rushes in before Ningirsu could explain the plan. Aurum swings his blade, cutting multiple Krawlers at once. He thought that this would be easy now because of his abilities, however the Krawlers did something that everyone, except for Ningirsu, never seen before: They began to regenerate.

    With this in mind, Aurum jumps back to the others, Ningirsu explaining the plan, saying that due to their abilities to regenerate, the only way to get the World Gauntlet is to stall them. He says to kill as many as possible, and then have Ib use a powerful lightning spell she's been practicing with, one that should be able to stop the regenerative cycle temporarily. Once the battle starts, it's revealed that the Mekk-Knights are nearby, watching from their palace. Purple Nightfall talks about how they've become a true threat, and that they need to be taken care of before they obtain the World Gauntlet and become too much for the Mekk-Knights to handle. However, Blue Sky makes them all wait.

    Aurum, Ningirsu, and Imduk eliminate the Krawlers around them, totaling to around a hundred. Their powers help quicken the process, but it seemed as though it would take a long time for them to truly destroy them. As the Krawlers were regenerating, Ib casts her Lightning spell, stunning the Krawlers on the ground. They continued to fight, repeating this process, however they noticed a problem half-way through: Ib began to not only grow tired from using the spell so many times, but the first half of Krawlers that were stunned were now regenerating again. This major set-back did reveal something that they didn't know: Ningirsu's lance.

    The Krawlers that were struct down by Ningirsu's lance weren't regenerating at all. Ningirsu tells them all this, and so with the last bit of magic Ib had left, she gave Ningirsu a power boost, giving him all the energy he lost back, and then some. She also doubled his speed, allowing him to move much faster than before, making him almost untouchable temporarily. Ib passes out from exhaustion, Aurum and Imduk both guarding Ib until she recovers, Lee healing her to quicken the process. Eventually, at night, the process is finished, almost every Krawler was eliminated by Ningirsu, who was now on his knees, trying to stay awake. Aurum helps Ningirsu get up, while Ib slowly begins to open their eyes, Lee telling everyone that Ib was now awake.

    Aurum quickly hugs Ib, incredibly glad that she's able to stand up again. Ningirsu tries to stand up, but gets back on his knees, no longer having the energy to stand, almost as if he had swapped places with Ib. Just as Aurum helps Ningirsu up, a flash of light appears from the Mekk-Knights' palace. Suddenly, Ib was now trapped in an orb, unable to break free. Aurum quickly rushes to Ib, dropping Ningirsu, him trying to reach Ib. Aurum swings at the orb, yet it regenerated, just like the Krawlers. Ningirsu groans, using all his energy to grab his lance and throw it at the orb, but by then it was too late... Ib has been captured.

    In the morning, Lee, Ningirsu, Aurum, and Imduk decide to head towards the Mekk-Knight palace to save Ib, ignoring the World Gauntlet, as they saw saving each other a far greater priority.

    [Story TBC]

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