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That Fishy Narwhal's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Rose That Dripped Red

        Water And Rose is about a story I’ve been writing, it has been only a few days, but I believe I have sorted a strong foundation, and nothing has been more popular than a Minecraft role play. So that is my current goal. Here is a small  excerpt from the book :)

    For it was only a few days before young Scarlett was going to be released from her bed bound stage. The poor child had been glued to her bed since her twin brother and mother had died. She was diagnosed with a terrible sickness, that disabled her ability to move her legs. 

            Meanwhile, her father was solemnly making his way through life. He eventually married with a widow, whom already had another girl about Scarlett’s age. Of course, Scarlett’s father forgot about his dying daughter, and tended to the new one, who’s name was Victoria. 

             Scarlett, who wasn’t exactly alone, spent her days with a close friend about 3 years older than her. 
    His name was Eric, and he would watch after Scarlett while her father was on business trips. 

           “Say, Eric. Do you remember Liam?” Scarlett would ask from time to time, with her raspy voice. 

           It didn’t bother Eric that much, the poor girl was dying and she forgot sometimes.

          “Yes, Scarlett. I remember Liam very much.” Eric would reply every time.

           For Liam was Scarlett’s older twin brother. She missed him dearly, and even had to dye her hair brown, just so that she wouldn’t be reminded of his blonde locks. 

           Eventually, Scarlett was healed and could now go outside. 

           Eric was there with her every step of the way. He would walk in the garden with her. But, despite all the attention she was getting from Eric. Her father was no longer in her court. Scarlett had lost her father to Victoria, his new daughter. Victoria was a beautiful young lady, whom Scarlett soon learned to despise. 

            One day, while Scarlett and Eric were strolling through town, Scarlett was crossing the gravel road, and was hit by a passing truck. All Eric could remember was her figure, covered in blood and disoriented. Her eyes were widened for a few moments, as she stared up at Eric. And then they slowly closed, leaving her companion for what he thought was going to be forever. 

            The funeral was exceptional. Her father actually did put effort into his only flesh and blood left. Victoria didn’t seem to care, along with her mother, Rose. The burial was just as memorable as her funeral. For Scarlett thought, she was going to be reunited with her mother and Liam, but that was far from reality. 

            “I can help you revive your daughter back.” A young lady with dark brown hair called out to Scarlett’s father. 

            “And how shall you do such a job, with those pitiful words?” He called back to the lady. 

           “I am a healer, I know how to bring back the dead.” She paused for a moment. “For it may not work, isn’t it worth a try? Seeing your beloved daughter again? Look at her smile breach across her face?” 

           “I suppose,” He answered bluntly. 

           “Ah, first, bringing the dead to life has its prices….” The healer smirked in satisfaction. 

          “And what is that?” Scarlett’s father arched his eyebrow.
          “For it is only a small condition, I would like your daughter to live with me, after she is revived.”

           The man paused for a moment. Looking into the lady’s crystal eyes. 

            “Very well then, shall I get to visit 


            “Then what’s the point?” 

             “Your daughter will be a walking corpse. She won’t need your affection. For she will only need my teachings. Once she is older, I shall let you do whatever you please, but I warn you, she’s not going to be the same person.” 

    Besides the fact I have a strong foundation, artwork is not very calculated in that spectrum. So I kinda had to use google. Credit to the artists! As for the rules: 
    •must have discord
    •must have Xbox live account (I can help you get one) also you don’t need an Xbox to have an account ;)
    •Minecraft (any device) 
    •good mic
    •good communication 


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold