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About Warriors MCPE Cinematic Roleplay | Re-casting

Welcome to Warriors!

''What exactly is Warriors?''
This project is a Minecraft full Cinematic Roleplay on Youtube, telling about a warrior who is a human formed wolf in a war. His name was, Alaois. He was fighting for his Kingdom and the King with his 3 fellow assistants on 1984. They were chasing towards to the captain of their Kingdom's enemy, the Red Kingdom. The captain of the Red Kingdom was leading them to a big waterfall. That waterfall was a passage way to the human world or time, to 2016. When they were about to win, Alaois and his 2 assistants was betrayed and pushed to the waterfall by one of his assistant. It turns out his assistant that betrayed him, was one of the special popular hired spy/assasin in the Red Kingdom. They falled down to the inside of the waterfall and was sent to the human world in the year of 2016. 

''When will this series start?''
This series will start in the year of 2018. 

''How long will this series go?''
This will possibly be a 2 season with 20 episodes.

'' What do i need to join this project?''
- You don't need to have Minecraft.
- You would need a decent mic with no background noise.
- Show your emotions when auditioning..
- You have to be 13-20
- You must have discord. All plans and informations takes place in our Discord server.

''Will any of the characters sing?''
Yes. Some characters will sing depends on their hobbies. You may sing whichever song you would like in 30 seconds when auditioning.

''How fast do you require actors turnaround time to be?''
As soon as the script is given, you will have a deadline for sending me your lines as fast as you can. We already finished making the script for episode 1. As you know, we are really willling to start this roleplay!

My Youtube Channel
My other Casting Casting Call

About the Creator: NallyAshPlays

HI GUYS!, IT ME NALLY HERE! Lol... To be Honest, i love VoiceActing :)
I would love to work with people on projects and do what I can to help.  I love acting a lot, and working with other people. And I am Here Trying Too Find A VoiceActor For The RolePlay That I made, if you want.. you could help, couse i really need one lol, i didn't      tought  its gonna be this hard...   XD

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold