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    About Voice Of Joe Yabuki (With Engilsh and Japanese)

    I want to know what he sounds like if he knows how to speak in engilsh

    Who is this Character:
    Joe is the protagonist of Ashita no Joe/あしたのジョー /Tomorrow's Joe. An OPBF Champion and 4th in the World Ranking. He is known for his long bangs and for always wearing a worn out beige coat and a red flat cap. Not long after birth he found himself in many orphanages and facilities. However, he quickly grew tired of the boring life and frequently escaped, eventually finding his way to the Doya Town the story takes place in.Joe is rude and quick to fight, but he can also be very frivolous at times. Because of his rough upbringing he is a delinquent who likes his solitude, but he later grows to appreciate his new friends and rivals. He is not very good at understanding women, and essentially only treats them nice out of giri. As a result of Riki'ishi's death, he temporarily suffers from yips and cannot hit people in the temple, but he later overcomes this. This allows him to move past the loss of Riki'ishi.He is a bantamweight and his specialties include the cross counter and the No Guard stance. He has extraordinary punching strength, fortitude, and fighting spirit, often standing up after taking killer blows and has been known to counter cross-counters (a double-cross), possessing a raw, natural talent for the sport. He has even countered double crosses with a triple-cross, implying he has high-level technical abilities. Following his fight with Riki'ishi, he begins to better develop his guarding. During his fight with Jose, he even unconsciously uses Jose's own corkscrew punch against him. Near the end of his life, it was hinted that he had developed drunk punch and was confirmed right before his match with Jose. On several occasions it was hinted that he was aiming for the world championship not for his own sake but for Rikiishis's sake since he died fighting Joe and was consider a future world contender.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold