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Kitkatgalaxy's Previously Completed Works

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    About Into the Unknown | SEASON 2 - Minecraft Fantasy/Sci-fi Machinima (VOICE ACTORS & BUILDERS NEEDED!)

    After what is known as "The Deathwave", the world is left unrecognisable. The virus left behind divided humanity into three groups, based on how they were affected by the virus.

    People who neither mutated or were immune, they can still be killed by the virus if caught. Humans are either wasteland survivors, a part of Daonna Gang, or work for NEXUS.
    The Immunes are completely immune to the virus, and are chased down by Daonna Gang and NEXUS, as their blood could be the cure. Most Immunes have been living in space ever since the Deathwave, while some others have been hiding out in the wasteland.
    Freaks are people who at first were zombie like during the Deathwave, but over time evolved, and mutated due to the virus. The Freaks are most hated by Daonna Gang, NEXUS, and even the Immune. The Freaks come in many forms, from elves and werewolves, to monsters. However, all freaks have one thing in common...they crave blood.

    If you'd like to know more, watch "The Deathwave", as well as "Into the Unknown - Season 1" on my Youtube channel!

    - A decent mic which has little to no background noise.
    - 13+ (Can make some exceptions)
    - Must have Discord.
    - ACTIVE!!!
    - Committed to play the character for more than one season.
    - Able to send lines by the given due date.
    - I do not need body actors, only voice actors.
    - I will need a link to a social media you use so I can credit you.
    - If applying to be a builder, please fill in the google form document.

    Please be aware that there is a high chance that any character could die. Main character or supporting. Also, some of these characters could be put into ships as well. If you are okay with both of these, then great! If your character does get killed off, I'll let you know as soon as you get the role. Even if your character dies, you may still be needed for flashbacks, or even asked for other roles in the future.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold