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    About Vocaloid Short Series | VA's Needed!

       Quick Summary: 

    Group info:
    Alright so this is casting for a long-term group that will do multiple things, comic dubs, some animations, just make some memes, possibly a visual novel. 

    Extremely Basic Plot:
    So aside from any comics not created by me, we dub, the basic story in this universe is quite simple. Let's start with my definition of Vocaloid and UTAU. 

         A  synthetic soul placed in a voice, and sometimes physical robot. 

     A non-official synthetic soul placed in a voice, and sometimes physical robot.
    (Official synthetic souls: Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin & Len, KAITO, Megurine Luka, MEIKO. Half official synthetic souls:  Megpoid Gumi, Yowane Haku, Kasane Teto, and a few more.) 

    Vocaloids are souls created by man, I suppose its similar to artificial intelligence but vocaloids can move on to the afterlife, as there is one in this universe. Also must say, donators or companies have to have the money to give their Vocaloids bodies, so many utau do not have shells.  If you couldn't guess the vocaloids in this series are all placed in robots, as just being a floating voice isn't much you can work with. 

    As stated in the title, this is a comedy. Vocaloids living their immortal lives together, famous and strange. 

    Things to note: 

    .-If you enjoy MMD and Vocaloid you might know that a few years back there was a similar production named SHION. Being honest, my idea to use MMD was inspired by that show. As I watched it and adored it when it was popular, it somewhat took over my view of vocaloids. The Vocaloid personalities and voices I imagine are very close to how they are in SHION. If you plan on auditioning I suggest you watch an episode to get the feel of the voices I imagine. 
    -I will be choosing voice actors mostly based on your mic quality and ability to act. You also will be chosen on how similar you sound to how I imagine the character. 
    -There are two plots, one of them is (somewhat) explained above ^ the other is not explained here. It's in a completely different universe in which vocaloids are human. 
    -I also want to mention at singing isn't a focus of this group. So for all those people wanting to be apart of a Vocaloid Project but can't sing well, here you go
    -Episodes are only a few minutes as of now. Just felt the need to say that somewhere. 
    - Only English is required, the few times characters do speak in Japanese are fairly simple, you can handle it without speaking the language. 


    -Have a Discord or Skype, that's how we'll communicate. 
    -Please also be sure not to have a horrible mic, and at least some acting ability. Not looking for noobs. 
    -If accepted, deadlines for lines will be a week and a half at most. 
    -I don't want any 12 -year-olds, alright? So if you're under 13 and you're reading this might as well leave. 
    (Pictures used are not mine.)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold