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Kokos Amatuer's Previously Completed Works

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    About Undertale; The Stolen Light Of Inspiration

    This is an Undertale AU, about how the light and happiness of the world was taken once a trip on the ocean created chaos. This is an Idea I had, but I guess its fan made? I mean, it's still Undertale related... so it would be kinda fan made.

    This will be featured on my YT channel, it is a fan made series of Undertale but is an original idea. This will have multiple episodes, but the Intro may be a bit long. I hope that maybe I'll get the right auditions in time before the deadline; May 30. Hope we can work well together if you get chosen for the audition! Thank you.

    This is NEEDED!
    I need everyone who I choose to have some sort of communication app so I can contact you and the other group maybe. (Kik, Skype, Discord, Hangouts, etc.)

    When finding out about how her parents died, Frisk now sails the seas away from the small village they used to live in. Adventuring the world. Then, when her boat and the crew drove into a bad storm, she discovered light. Not just any normal light, but a light inside her. Soon, washing in to the shore of Ebbot City, she finds Sans. He us a small being, very small. With little to no light left. Little to no HOPE left. A very serious and pleading monster, trying to save his brother;Papyrus. Papyrus, who is full of energy, but is tied with rope. He has a lot of HOPE, and he loves his brother very much. Even though he can't see very well.

    Soon enough, Sans and Papyrus find out about Light. Having to go through hard times, almost dying and becoming knights at the kingdom. Frisk meets the Queen; Toriel and her assistant; Alphys. The queen, her acts of kindness shows she still has hope. Alphys is full of hope! Her affection and care for others shows she loves someone dearly, and she will keep fighting to find more of that light.

    When Sans and Papyrus find out about their light, they travel with Frisk, surprisingly buying a boat for free. And moving on to the Ruins; a free-spirited place. And Frisk sees everyone full of hope! Especially this one person--or, as Frisk would say, ghost-- who is filled with hope. Her laid back and chilling attitude brings her happiness, and having fun with others just makes her filled with hope. And her name is Chara.

    Chara was willingly going with Frisk without reason when they were about to leave, 

    Then moving on to The Flower Kingdom, where the King Asgore and his Apprentice Undyne lives. Asgore is hopeless, his soul very weary and on the verge of breaking. The only thing left is his apprentice that helps him from breaking, and his tea. Undyne is a very energetic soul, her determination and helpful manner she definently has someone in mind. Asgore and Undyne are very close, even closer than Tori and Alphys! They've been through life and death together, and through everything they've gone through. They do not have feelings for each other. Both have set minds on one person. They're both very special.

    Behind the kingdom was a meadow, a large meadow with a small buttercup just in the center. And of course, because of Frisk's curiosity, she went to go check it out. And it spoke. Very cruel at first, but that flower started to warm up to them. Showing care and kindness made him turn into Asriel; Prince of Monsters. The source of the light.. the hope.

    And of course, Asriel joined Frisk and them on adventures throughout the world. Though, they drove into a big storm, and Asriel fell off. The boat strayed too far and they couldn't save him...

    The source of light... he's vanished. 

    And dead now.

    But Frisk was DETERMINED to find him, she knew one thing. She felt in her SOUL that the prince was still alive. And so, she adventured. Through the world to find where that source of DETERMINATION in her soul came from. The others were fairly uneasy from this. But soon, Sans and Papyrus just couldn't leave a child on their own with CHARA. They knew Chara wouldn't be a big of a help. So, all of them, together, sailed the seas to find HOPE once more. To find the Imagination they always dreamed of...

    And that's where our story REALLY begins.

    About the Creator: Kokos-Amatuer

    Hey there! My name is GG and I audition for stuff! Yeah.. not very good with lower toned voices, but middle to high voices are perfectly fine for me! I don’t exactly have the right equipment to get things going on here, but I definently can try. I have good enough equipment to audition and give good lines, so that’s a good start! I think..

    Anyways, hope that this is okay..

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