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Blueyyy's Previously Completed Works

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This series will take place in a universe where dogs and cats are the dominant species, and humans never existed. The setting is a small portion of the world that is only Wild West.

The two main main characters are Hvesda, a Carpathian Sheepdog and Sheriff of the small town she lives in. The other main main character is Dustin, an Aidi and a wanted criminal who was framed for things he didn't do. Dustin is OPENLY GAY, and this will even be a quicky comedic event touched upon at least twice, where he sees a  handsome male dog and is distracted for a moment. So do not try to do any Dusvesda shipping over here. Dustin does not act feminine and is actually still quite normal acting despite his sexuality (although he's a slUt for doing things pride related).

In this world, magic is possible, but only a few are gifted with the abilities. These few are hunted for their furs and fangs, which are made into clothes and jewelery as they give the wearer their power. They sell at high prices, so a lot of people looking for money are these famed "Witch Hunters", quite literally. Only a few ever try to hunt down these dogs, but the main leader of the industry is a dangerous Doberman named Lucius, who runs a successful casino in the Big Town. He's a criminal, but manages to pay the local cops to keep quiet and not do anything about it with his earnings from the casino. Lucius also runs an underground drug dealing business, and has even committed murder a few times. 

Lucius is the king of the Witch Hunted goods trade, despite cops saying it's illegal and counted as murder. The trade is all underground, anyways. Dustin, however, is an on-the-run mage, not to mention a criminal thanks to Lucius's expert framing skills. 

Dustin runs into a small town of Locomotive Pass, where he thinks he is safe. however, rumors of this infamous "multi-criminal" has spread even to here. Hvesda chases him down, however, she is seen running close to him by one of Lucius's spies that were hunting down Dustin, and is mistakened to be a fellow mage of the criminal's. 

Hvesda becomes wanted as well when news of this reaches Lucius. 

The two are now both on the run criminals who must try to survive the constant attacks of Lucius, and even brave his own casino, where they will find it is actually a jail for mages. 

Ypu can audition to do it here, or, audition it on Youtube and comment the link to the video on one of my videos on my Youtube : 

I'll be posting an audition call there as well.

About the Creator: Blueyyy

Hello, I'm Blueyyy!

 I'm a newly-starting Youtuber Animator and Ranter with currently over 600 subscribers. 
My passions are voice acting, art, animation, and writing, all of which I've put together to create my first animated series, a WIP called Tumbleweeds!
Auditions for voice actors are currently open, and actors are desperately needed, if you're interested still!

Make sure to check out my Youtube channel for Rants and ANimations! I go by the same name there!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold