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Emily Wilkinson's Previously Completed Works

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    About Tokyo Dennou Tantei Dan - Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade - Collab

    This is the fictional town [Tokyo]
    A light fog takes the city corner
    The sight of the battered buildings isn't lost as one climbs the deserted concrete stairs
    On an old door hung a sign that read "Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade"

    "Background checks, providing business information, finding people, a partner/opponents’s research property, searching for a stray cat, successive consultations ride through, etc.

    If it’s trouble, we’d even repair the toilet!! Len will.

    Depending on the reward, we also accept consultations that can’t be requested from others..."

    In a room with white smoke, winking at one another

    Tonight’s project might be a little flashy

    When the hands of the clock point to the top

    Seven people stand up without a signal

    "Come on now, let's start-"


    Hello! Emily/IndieVA here! Me and my friends, are huge Vocaloid fans, and I have been a huge fan of "Tokyo Dennou Tantei Dan" for a while. After showing them the song, they wanted to collab it- So here I am!

    We are currently looking for 4 vocalists, to fill in the parts below:
    Kagamine Len

    Kagamine Rin

    Megurine Luka

    Camui Gackpo

    The parts following have already been taken:
    Hatsune Miku - Angel (Voice Sample here : https://app.box.com/s/kje32hzkq77cbsd4x5tdsx85dnsc30v6 )

    IA - Me (Voice Sample here : https://app.box.com/s/rafl2qcikrhp6atsn05a3ebtdga76j7k )

    GUMI - Konori (Voice sample here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuAgfjZ4SOw )

    Now here is some information for the auditions!:

    - This will be a JAPANESE cover. So please be aware we'd like decent pronounciation, and we would like auditions to be in japanese too ^.^

    - Decent microphone quality is essential. No, this does not mean we expect you to have a top of the range mic, but please keep in mind we'd like no background noise.

    - Artists and Animators are welcome to audition! We'd need to find an animator anyway for this cover, so please, if you know anyone whos interested just let me know! Comment below, or pm me, or mention it with your audition. It'd be very much appreciated. 

    -Trap singing is acceptable! Anyone is welcome to audition for this collab <3

    -The cover will be uploaded to Angels YouTube Channel. Original art may also be used too, so please have an oc form/description ready just in case. 

    - You will all be credited for your parts in this. If you audition and do not get picked, please do not be disheartened! We may contact you for covers/collabs in the future! All those who are cast, will be contacted immediately to start work ^.^

    The deadline is 2 weeks today, but we may extend if needs be.

    Good luck guys!

    About the Creator: emily wilkinson

    Hello! Im Emily Hanley (I've had my name changed since making my account) and i also go by IndieVA.

    I am a female voice actress, Mezzo Soprano/Tenor singer, Editor (Audio), Script-Writing, and Song Translation. I'm also a Rookie Artist, specifically a Background Artist..

    I specialise with visual novel work or audio-plays.

    If you would ever like to get in touch with me for work, or even for just general chat, don't be afraid to PM me, or contact me via:

    Skype: lilasskickeremily

    Gmail: [redacted]

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold