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About Tiana Okuru - A Yandere Sim Audiobook

If you saw my other casting call, sorry but for some reason it won't let me publish it so you have to have the link. Whether you have the link or not, I will be looking at BOTH of these casting calls to pick people to voice each character.

Basically, I have been writing a book that I have titled Tiana Okuru. This book is based upon Yandere Simulator and follows a character called Tiana instead of Ayano. Tiana Okuru is a book that I have been writing for quite some time now, even though I only am on chapter 15. There's going to be at least 50 chapters so buckle up cause this'll take a while.

Also I only consider Tiana Okuru, Akihiko Sakamoto, and Sakato as lead roles. They are the Yandere~Chan, Senpai~, and Info~Chan of the series. Anyone that is considered a rival at some point will be considered supporting and everyone else will be extra.


If you don't know what Yandere Simulator is, it's a game that follows a Yandere. A Yandere, if you don't know, is a person (in this case, a girl) that is completely emotionless and has been their entire life. When they come across somebody that finally makes them feel again. They are so madly in love with this person that they will do anything, including torturing and murdering rivals, to make sure that they get to the person they call their Senpai. In this book, you will follow Tiana Okuru, a Yandere who's Senpai is a new guy in school. When every girl in the school seems to be falling for him, what will Tiana have to do in order to get his heart? Well, voice actors and actresses, let's find that out.

Here are the rules:

-MUST have Discord. That's how I will reach you and everything. When you audition, leave a comment with your Discord and do NOT forget your four digit code.

-DO NOT SPOIL! If you are chosen, keep in mind that this book has not been published on any platform at all. I will publish each chapter as the audio book chapters are being published.

-Must have an at least decent sounding mic.

-BE NICE. I will not tolerate being rude AT ALL to people.

-Must be able to stay here for the time needed. Like I said, this will be at least 50 chapters long. Please don't audition if you won't be able to help that much.

Overall, thank you for looking at my casting call! Spread it to your friends! As I continue to write, there will be more characters. I currently have through chapter 13 characters on this casting call.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold