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Flipster3419's Previously Completed Works

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    About The colors, First three kings

    this is mostly for fun and for a friend, who i think might also wanna join! 

    The three kings are mostly in color.

    black: fee

    white: cof

    and all but not least

    gray: cotton!

    AND OTHER COLORS that may or may not come back in the story </3, <3]r

    (cof fee and other colors besides gray are my friend's ocs for the story

    the story starts off as two young children.(the music may or may not help idk your choice)

    then, the infident.

    all of the other colors exept black and white are left

    cof finally finds his lil brother cotton

    THEN THE STORY BEGINS which is why i made this :)

    (this begining was from a rp a long time Ago)

    In the begining

    cof and fee (as children) walk around in a small park where they find bluez and sky (bluez's virus self or a type of virus person you would call), cof and fee watched as sky yelled at bluez as he slapped him across the face, cof decided to do something and spooked up telling sky to back off, as cof continued to talk sky walked over slowly and grabed a knife, he was going to shut him up, and shut him up for good, fee went in front of cof to protect him, but even though bluez on the other hand still hurting forced himself to get up and protect the small children of color, bluez telling them to run got of course stabbed every quickly by sky, and once sky was done he just walked off just like that, although bluez still in pain just lies on the ground huffing and just trying to rest there although fee, who didn't care so much about others dying (besides his brother)had been forced by cof to go head out, once fee was done helping out, bluez decided to hang out with them for a little

    (and no the inury wasn't THAT huge, and yeah that's that well end of the rp for that but still)

    (fee's side of the story)

    cof as a younger child i would say he was protective and always tried to protect his brother fee since he gets bullied a lot by many people

    as the story go fee would usually go into a dark ally if his brother wasn't around and met a type of phantom/ghost, usually the phantom thing, would ask what fee wants (like some type of geni...) and fee replied back saying he wanted to disappear and wanted to be forgoten, and after that wish usually he would laugh at other people's suffering and was a cold hearted person, and this frightened cof and cof and fee would aruge, after awhile both brothers were like stranger, and fee went back to the ally and the phantom was still there, the phantom asked if fee was happy about his new disission, and with a replie of someone missing in his life, and wanted to remember.

    everything turned black

    and fee woked up in a type of field

    as for cof on the other hand 

    he was a small clumsy and happy child, he was a insperation to fee and if cof did got in trouble fee as well protected him, although the problem was if he wasn't with his brother, he would lose his eye sight (which was very important), he would usually hide in caves when he was sad

    still after his brother changed (time passed) he still smiled and tried talking to him, although fee dosen't really remember him treating him like a stranger, even though seeing him a lot cof got in a breaking point and aruged with fee. he still wanted him to remember, after awhile cof went into the dark ally and the phantom was still there, the phantom whisperd something to him

    everything went dark and cof appered in a park covered in white lillies.

    did i menton that they blended colors? yes white and black made gray

    and that's how cotton was formed!

    the thing is cotton didn't have alot to say in his story other than he's slightly blind and can hear slightly well.

    this maybe animated or be into a comic

    About the Creator: flipster3419

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